There are more than ten benefits of shopping on Amazon, but we have narrowed it down. Amazon is one of the easiest ways to purchase items sold by companies or re-sold by consumers.

1. Convenience. The best thing about Amazon is you can go shopping without ever walking out the door. You can wake up and go shopping in your pajamas. You can go shopping naked if you want!

2. Low Prices. Because many of the products are re-sold by consumers, you can get gently used books or previously purchased items, often for much less than you would pay for them retail.

3. Safety. Amazon is a much safer website than most when it comes to paying for your items. If you do not want to use your credit or debit card on the site, you have the option to use PayPal, which is a safer way of payment.

4. Variety. Amazon is better than any mall you could walk into, because you can buy virtually anything on Amazon, all at the click of the mouse or the tap of the keyboard. Want a book? Done. Want a George Foreman Grill? Done.

5. Reviews. On Amazon, you have the ability to read user’s reviews before you even buy the product, and you can also see reviews of the seller, so you can be sure that you are getting what you pay for.

6. Options. If you choose, you may visit to do small tasks to earn money. You can then use your earnings to directly buy things from Amazon.

7. Saves Gas. Instead of driving to a store or mall, you do not have to spend any money on gas!

8. Shop When You Are Sick. When you are home sick from work and can’t get out of bed, worry not! You can still shop from Amazon in your sickbed, using your laptop.

9. Flexible Shopping Time. If you are up late at two in the morning and you feel like shopping, you can do that. A mall would be closed at two am.

10. Wish List. If you don’t have the money to shop now, you can still go on the website, create an account, and make a wishlist of everything you want to buy so you can shop later.

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