target main has a flash website that always contains interesting items to keep your eyes happy while you shop.

Many of these visually pleasing features can be useful, too. For example, during the New Year Home Event Target’s site included a ‘Shop This Room’ feature. This feature was a great way to get a fully decorated room for less. The interface features a flash picture of a room decorated with Target merchandise. To get the look for your own home, you simply click on the ‘Shop This Room’ link and you are transported to a page that lists everything that was used to decorate the room, how much it costs and how to buy it.

Another eye-pleasing feature is the large tab-style menu at the top of the screen. It features large type for less squinting and an extra wide dropdown menu that ensures easy browsing.

Not only does Target ensure that you can find items you want to purchase, they also make sure you have plenty of information before purchasing the item. Each product has a detailed description and multiple photos, as well as customer reviews.

If you decide you don’t like the item after all, you can return the item to a Target store or ship it back to the return center to get a full refund. No receipt? No problem. You can print out a receipt from the website to make store returns easier. home page. home page.


The main page uses an animation showing products and departments that are currently on sale or having sales and each frame links to their respective pages within the site. An excellent idea to get a user’s attention and make them aware of deals they might otherwise miss out on, but as previously stated, may not be effective if the user does not remain on the page for an extended period of time.

The red banner at the top serves as a notifier for the pages and signifies to the user that they are at the top of the page. This is also the only part of the pages that actually spans across the screen completely and is not contained within the 80-90% display region of the rest of the site and also does nto require scrolling if viewed on an older monitor.

A unique feature of the home page is a little calendar on the left of the home page, as seen in the image to the left. This allows Target to show the customer what deals the have available at a glance so that they may not have to sit and watch the animations to find a great deal.

When a user clicks an item within the site, it doesn’t take them to an entirely new page, it actually displays a ‘pop-up’ of the product. Within the new area ith has another image of the product with a small amount of information as well as options for purchasing.


target navigation

The ‘flyout’ pane used is much larger than I would have originally anticipated, however, does allow for a more extensive breakdown of sub-categories for site navigation.

Alternatively, if the user just clicks the department in the Navigation bar at the top of the page, they will be taken to a page that lists all of the sub-categories within the main one they clicked on.

Some navigation is actually done using scrolling arrows to view products and selecting a page from them. This could be a problem if a user has the parts of the browser required to make them function turned off.

Store Selection has a wide range of products that will cover the needs of most everyday families. This bargain shopping site also has some special inventory items and services that are unique to their site.

One of the best reasons to shop at Target is their clothing department. Target is known as the place to go for quality clothing at discount clothing prices.

Often, Target will carry clothing lines designed by major fashion designers such as Isaac Mizrahi and Alexander McQueen as part of their Target’s Designer Collaborations campaign. When working with Target, the designers choose a muse or theme and create a fashion collection around the idea. These collections are available only for a limited time, which makes them a hot commodity for the budget fashionista since nothing in the collections cost more than $129.99.

For the shutterbugs in the family, Target online has partnered with Kodak Gallery, Photobucket and Shutterfly to create a site-to-store option for photo developing. All you have to do is choose the photo site partner you like best, become a member (it’s free) upload your photos and choose the Target delivery option when buying your prints. The prints will be available to pick up at your local Target store within hours of your order.

You don’t see many online pharmacies like Target’s, but it is a really easy way to get your medications stress-free. Using this section of the site you can:

  • Look for generic versions of your prescription that cost only $4 for a 30-day supply or $10 for a 90-day supply
  • Transfer your prescription from another store
  • Order a refill
  • Set up a system so that your prescription is automatically refilled every time you need it
  • Find help for Medicaid insurance coverage

You can also sign up for the Target Pharmacy Rewards Plan. With this money saver you get 10% off a shopping day at Target after 10 refills.

Bargains & Discounts has many ways to save you money every day.

You can pick up a great deal by visiting the women’s section and clicking on the Weekly Deals tab. This will take you to the weekly deals for fashionistas area. Here, prices are cut, temporarily, on select women fashions staples such as tees and tanks. For example, you may be able to pick up a great hoodie for only $6.

Want more than a weekly deal? also has Daily Deals that feature items with slashed prices and free shipping. Some of these items are up to 70% off or more.

If you want even more deals, check out the Clearance, Deals Under $25, Deals Under $50 and Deals Under $100 sections of the site. These sections are a great place to troll if you need inexpensive gift ideas.

The Coupon Savings area of the site has up-to-date coupons that you can print out and take to a brick and mortar Target store. The coupons are for a wide range of items such as beauty products, baby items, food products, soda, pets items, stationary and more.

If you sign up for Target’s weekly newsletter and deal alerts you will get even more coupons that can be used for wide-range of products. You will also be notified of time sensitive deals on the site.

Hate paying shipping? Well, then keep an eye out for’s special shipping deals. For example, during certain times if you spend over a certain amount your shipping is free.

Customer Support

The part of that doesn’t match up well against other bargain sites like or Unbeatable Sale is that it doesn’t have amazing online customer service options. If you have a problem all you can do is either email customer support for help or call one the help lines. The major problem with the help lines is that there are so many phone numbers to choose from, which can be confusing for a customer that just wants a quick and easy answer.

Payment Options

Another problem that customers may have with Target is that they have limited payment options. Unlike sites such as Sam’s Club or that offer payment with checks or Bill Me Later, only takes payment in the form of credit, debit or gift cards.

Summary is the perfect online bargain shopping site for shoppers that want high quality and excellent service at low prices. It has designer brands that can only be found at, tons of bargains and deals and various store features that are unique to the online store.

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