What is the eBay Bucks Rewards Program?
The eBay Bucks Rewards Program is designed to reward eBay members for purchasing items on www.ebay.com. If you join, you can accrue eBay Bucks based on your qualifying purchases. Upon the completion of each calendar quarter, if you earn $5.00 or more in eBay Bucks during that calendar quarter, you will receive a reward equal to the amount of your eBay Bucks in the form of an eBay Bucks Certificate. You can use this Certificate to buy more things on eBay!

Does this program cost anything?
Enrollment in the eBay Bucks Rewards Program and participation are FREE. There is no cost.

Earning eBay Bucks

How do I earn eBay Bucks?
Earning eBay Bucks is easy! After you enroll, start shopping on eBay and you’ll automatically earn eBay Bucks on qualifying purchases. Earn $5.00 or more in eBay Bucks during a calendar quarter and you will receive an eBay Bucks Certificate for the total amount earned after that quarter ends.

Do all my eBay purchases qualify?
Most purchases on eBay qualify, but some restrictions apply. See Terms & Conditions.

For example, to qualify, purchases must meet the following requirements:

  • Paid for with PayPal
    • Payment needs to be made on eBay’s checkout system. Payments made directly via PayPal to a seller’s account aren’t eligible.
  • Made AFTER you enroll in the eBay Bucks Rewards Program (can be a winning bid or Buy it Now).
  • Bought on the US eBay site (www.eBay.com). Some third-party automated bidding applications (sniping tools) are actually placing their bids on international sites as opposed to bidding on the US site directly. Purchases completed by these applications do not qualify to earn eBay Bucks.

Among other restrictions, purchases made in the following categories DO NOT qualify:

  • eBay Motors (including Parts & Accessories)
  • Classifieds
  • Real Estate
  • Gift Cards & Coupons, but only for eBay Gift Cards within that category
  • Coins & Paper Money, but only for Bullion within that category
  • Business & Industrial

PLEASE NOTE: While eBay Bucks can’t be earned on purchases in these categories, the eBay Bucks Certificates can still be used for redemption in these categories. See complete details on redemption.

How is the base earn amount determined for a qualifying purchase?
The base earn amount is calculated by taking the [item price] x [quantity selected] x [earn percentage]. Any additional fees such as shipping, handling, and taxes are excluded from this calculation; eBay Bucks are earned solely on the item price.

What is the base earn percentage?
The base earn percentage is the percent amount used to calculate how many eBay Bucks a member will earn on qualifying purchases. The current base earn percentage is 2%.

Are all aspects of my qualifying purchase included in the calculation?
No, eBay Bucks are earned solely on the item price. Any other fees (including, but not limited to, shipping, handling, and taxes) are not included in the calculation of the earn amount.

Can the base earn percentage change?
eBay reserves the right to change the base earn percentage up or down. From time to time, eBay may offer special promotions that would provide members with extra eBay Bucks or an additional earn percentage in addition to the base earn percentage for qualifying purchases during the promotion period. If your purchase qualifies for multiple promotions, you will automatically earn credit for the highest value promotional offer.

How do I know if I am signed up to receive emails from eBay Bucks?
To check that you’re signed up to receive emails from eBay Bucks, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your account and go to My eBay
  • Click on the Account tab
  • Select Communication Preferences
  • Scroll down to Promotions and Surveys and click Show
  • Select General Email Promotions and click Save

By signing up for general email promotions, you will receive emails from eBay Bucks.

How do I find out about promotions that might affect how much I earn?
Most promotions are sent via email to the email address you have listed in your account.

Are there any limitations on how many eBay Bucks I can earn?

  • You can earn up to $100 in eBay Bucks on any single eBay purchase. This means that if the eBay Bucks earn percentage is 2% and the purchase price (excluding tax, shipping fees) is in excess of $5,000, you would be restricted from earning any more eBay Bucks for that purchase beyond the $100 eBay Bucks purchase earn limit.
  • You can earn up to $500 in eBay Bucks for all qualifying purchases during a given calendar quarter. This means that if the eBay Bucks earn percentage is 2% and the total value of qualifying purchases exceeds $25,000 during a given calendar quarter, you would be restricted from accumulating any more eBay Bucks beyond the $500 eBay Bucks quarterly earn limit.

When can I earn and redeem my eBay Bucks?
You can earn eBay Bucks throughout each calendar quarter. For example, you can earn eBay Bucks from January 1 through March 31. Then a new earn period starts on April 1 and runs through June 30. If you earn $5.00 or more in eBay Bucks in a calendar quarter, your eBay Bucks Certificate will appear in your account approximately 15 days after the quarter ends.

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