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Today Kaspersky Lab is the world’s largest privately held vendor of endpoint protection solutions, with a holding registered in the United Kingdom. Since its inception, Kaspersky Lab has followed a global vision and focused on international markets. This strategy helped the company to grow into a global corporation.

Kaspersky Lab is one of the fastest growing IT security vendors in the world[i]. The company was founded in 1997 and today it is an international group operating in almost 200 countries and territories worldwide. It has 33 representative territory offices in 30 countries across 5 continents. Kaspersky Lab has a corporate client base of more than 270,000 companies located around the globe, ranging from small and medium-sized businesses all the way up to large governmental and commercial organizations. Over 400 million people worldwide are protected by Kaspersky Lab products and technologies.

Kaspersky Lab currently employs more than 3,000 highly qualified specialists and this number is growing by about 7% each year.

Kaspersky Lab is named a ‘Leader’ in endpoint protection by the Big Three analytic agencies (Gartner[ii], IDC[iii] and Forrester[iv]). Firmly positioned as one of the top four leading vendors of security solutions for endpoint users[v], Kaspersky Lab continues to improve its market position.

According to the company’s 2013 unaudited financial results, Kaspersky Lab’s global revenue grew by 6% compared to the previous year and reached $667 million. Kaspersky Lab also continued to deliver strong growth in the corporate IT security segment: 9% growth in the corporate segment overall and 18% in the enterprise segment[vi].

Kaspersky Lab has about 120 global technology OEM and pre-installation agreements with companies including Microsoft, IBM, Cisco Meraki, Juniper Networks, Alcatel Lucent, Blue Coat, Check Point, D-Link, Clearswift, Netgear, ZyXel, Alt-N, Parallels, Lenovo, Facebook, Qualcomm, BAE Systems, H3C, Trustwave, Vertu, ASUS, Samsung, Toshiba, Stormshield, Amazon Web Services, Openwave Messaging and General Dynamics. The company’s client list includes big names such as Ferrari, Strabag, Telefonica, etc.

In February 2014 Kaspersky Lab announced the establishment of its International Advisory Board, gathering world-known cybersecurity experts to provide the company with strategic advice on the IT security market. The Advisory Board brings together seven internationally recognized experts in IT security from the industry, the public sector and academia. They will provide practical guidance, insights and validation of the strategic plans and priority business development areas of the company.

Howard A. Schmidt, former Cyber Advisor to both President Bush and President Obama, serves as the chairman of the International Advisory Board and is joined by Bruce Schneier, Jae-Woo Lee, Latha Reddy, Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones, Norbert Pohlmann and Whitfield Diffie. The Board members have years of experience in situations where the IT security industry connects with government, international and national cyber strategy policy makers, and academia. They bring unparalleled expertise and guidance to Kaspersky Lab.

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Kaspersky Lab Awards and Certificates

Internationally recognized products

Kaspersky Lab’s products regularly score highly in comparative tests carried out by independent testing centres and IT publications. The awards and certificates our products have received are listed below.

  • November 2014

    Kaspersky Internet Security for Android took first place in a test of Android security products conducted by PC Security Labs, an independent Chinese company. According to the test results, Kaspersky Lab’s product successfully countered 99.959% of threats and returned zero false positives, detecting 12 more threats than its closest rival.

  • August 2014

    Kaspersky Lab’s corporate and consumer products were awarded the latest Virus Bulletin certification in August 2014. All three solutions (Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Endpoint Security and Kaspersky Small Office Security) successfully blocked 100% of malware from a WildList collection without generating a single false positive, and earned their VB100 sertificates.

  • July 2014

    Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool won the Best Repair 2014 Award from AV-Test. Kaspersky Lab’s tool performed better than any other recovery kit in the test and completely repaired the operating system after a malware attack.

  • July 2014

    Kaspersky Internet Security has received certification from MRG Effitas for its effective protection of financial information. The Kaspersky Lab product successfully passed every test that assessed protection against malware, identity theft and Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

  • May 2014

    Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Small Office Security and Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business received the highest AAA rating in all three of Dennis Technology Labs’ test categories – Home Anti-Virus Protection, Small Business Anti-Virus Protection and Enterprise Anti-Virus Protection – in the first quarter of 2014.

  • April 2014

    Kaspersky PURE 3.0 was honored with a prestigious award “Product of the Year 2014” awarded in a voting held by the Polish edition of CHIP magazine. Products for the different categories were nominated by the editors of CHIP magazine, and then the readers were given the chance to choose the winners. Kaspersky PURE 3.0 won in the category “Antivirus programs”.

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