I say with confidence, that anyone of you can make money online in less than 30 days. There are so much transaction online. Money are changing hands. Are you on the receiving end?
My strategy is to start small, stay focus and master a skill well.

I started with submitting ads to free online classified ads. It’s so simple any kids can do. Now I am still earning from doing this.
Then I learn how to install WordPress from a 5-minute video. Now I still earn from creating simple websites with ready-made WordPress themes from themeforest.net
I discover that book cover design is a hot service at Fiverr. There are more than 1 million books on Amazon.com. So the demand is there. If you take 30 days to learn how to design book cover, you have a money-generating skill. You will know how to catch fishes for life.

I believe I can write decent cos I write every day since I was a student. Fiverr has demand for good writers. I never run out of a job doing writing gigs at Fiverr.
Facebook marketing is hot cos biz owners want to get more leads. Master FB marketing skill and you can do magic for SME.
Now I am active in writing and publishing books. While I learn, I teach others and earn some money sharing what I know.

I have a friend who specialises in Google Adwords and he makes a living doing just that.
So what’s is your focus? What are you going to master to make a living online? Take a 30-day challenge and see for yourself how it is going to transform your life at the end of the 30-day.

30 Days To Success
I’m busy these days writing a new book and as always it boils down to the question – what makes one person more successful than the other?

In the last 20 years I had the good fortune and the privilege to meet and work with many successful people in many different areas of life.
From the entrepreneur that became a billionaire from his kitchen table lost it all and then became a billionaire for the second time.

From loving couples in their 40th and 50th anniversary to the single mother that raises her 3 kids in freedom I didn’t know exists.

From top models to bestselling authors.
From the martial art world champion to the inventor of a viable technology to harness solar energy from space.

From the man that dedicated his life to help Uganda’s poorest children to the woman that overcame cancer and made it her calling to help other women overcome it too…

And although each and every one of them is different and unique in his or her personality, challenges and way of life, they all have something in common…

They all developed and mastered what I call “success habits”.
Success habit is this supporting behavior that when repeated regularly often enough becomes a habit, which requires very little effort or awareness, resulting in almost automatic life-long success.

I’m sure you’re not surprised. Somehow we all know this to be true – either from experience, or from just common sense.

Then why is it that we’re not developing more success habits?
Because it seems that developing a new habit ‘forever’ is really, really hard. Because doing something ‘forever’ seems like, well…forever.

If you wanted to quit smoking, it’s really hard to say you’ll NEVER have another cigarette. But with the 30 Day Success Habit Builder, you don’t talk about forever.

Instead, you make the commitment to develop (or change) a habit for only one month. That’s it.
After the month is over, you evaluate this habit and decide either to:

continue evaluating it for another 30 days; or
drop it, if it doesn’t support you; or
make it permanent
I’ve used this 30-day Success Habit Builder countless times in my life. From keeping up my promises to myself, to eating healthy, meditating every day for an hour, or even stop watching TV.

So, here is my challenge for you.
For the next 30 days commit yourself to practicing one new success habit that you know would make a difference in your life.

It can be anything. Like…

Getting up earlier every morning
Writing in your journal every day
Reading for an hour a day
Meditating every day
Going for a long walk every day
Stop watching TV
Meeting someone new every day
Giving up cigarettes, meat, sweets, junk food, coffee, or other unhealthy addictions
Smiling, flossing, exercising, listening to music, listening to your children, talking with your partner (really talking)…
And I promise you one thing. After 30 days, it will be so much easier to extend the experiment for another 30 days, and again… until it becomes… ‘forever’.

If you’re willing to go for it, share with us your new success habit in the comment box below.
Sharing your commitment will make it stronger, thus helping you keep your new habit, and will inspire others to make their own commitment to their success.

TOGETHER we can make it.

So let us know what new success habit you’re going for in the coming 30 days. Simply type it in the comment box below, and don’t forget to give ‘thumbs up’ to all those that inspire you…

Stay Tune.

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